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Cheryl Matschek, PhD, MA, MS, CCII
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The day-and-a-half training on communication and team building were exactly what I expected. Again you have out done yourself. All the team members were excited and enthusiastic after the session.

I have learned so much from you over the eleven years I have been using you, which I know has not only made me a better manager, but a better person. Your passion and dedication should be the trainers "Gold Standard." -- C.T.J., General Manager, MRL

Your "energy level" must run on high octane because you deliver a very dynamic message that could be described as "down to earth," individualized, personalized .... just as though you were having a one-on-one conversation with each of us. -- G.G., President, SMEI

Your seminar was GREAT!. Thank you for coming to Salem to share your insights in developing effective workteams. It was satisfying to see the participants so involved and with you every moment. -- D.B., Coordinator, Marion, Polk, Yamhill JSEC

You are wonderful! Words cannot express my appreciation for your help. Your evaluations were outstanding. The class loved you! -- J.W., Sr. Vice President, First Interstate Bank (now Wells Fargo)

Cheryl is by far and away the most motivating speaker whom I have ever had the pleasure of hearing, and I would like to hear her at least twice yearly to keep myself motivated. Expert preparation has always enabled her to "touch home" with each and every one of our members. Her knowledge of her subject matter makes her presentation inspirational, as well as motivating! You can feel her energy and enthusiasm fill the room and each member reaches up and gathers a bit of it for herself. -- D.C., Exec. Sec. to President, Retired, U.S. Bancorp

As always, you are able to make us look inward and put life into perspective. I always gain knowledge and understanding personally and professionally when I have the opportunity to hear you speak. I am confident you touch many lives you will never be aware of. -- P.L., Cascade Steel

Thank you for the very inspirational presentation you gave. It takes a special gift to get a Friday morning crowd awake on the second or third day of the seminar. You certainly have that gift! -- S.C., CPA, Assistant Administrator, Valley General Hospital

We thought you would want to know that comments from the participants were that you were the most outstanding speaker of the day, and they really enjoyed your presentation. -- C.C., Internal Revenue Service, Department of the Treasury

Cheryl, you have accomplished what I had hoped you would and you can rest assured that you have accomplished what you hoped that you would. Positively developing people. -- T.McC., Olan Mills

The entire board of directors expressed to me how much they felt your presentation helped make our annual Maui program possibly the most fun and successful seminar we have had. The topics you spoke on were simply excellent. Your expertise and enthusiasm was really what made everything come together. -- D.S., Portland, Oregon

The gifts of your time and talent to our office seem almost unmeasurable to myself. Things are better than ever, thanks to your inspiration and insight. The time you sepnt with us helping define our purpose in mission, goals and objectives, and teaching us how to relate with each other and with our patients will never be forgotten. And, especially, the evening session when were touched by the "spirit," and became bonded as one unit.

The jealousy and backbiting also seem to be gone, and you know what a tough situation that can be in an office this large. The staff is respecting each others roles and helping each other through tough situations. -- E.M., Dentist, Salem, Oregon

The reviews were excellent and I received some personal comments from attendees that were very complimentary. Obviously the participants enjoyed the course and left with a sense that the course will be of benefit to their practices. As a CE director, having high caliber presenters such as yourself, greatly enhances credibility of our program and helps greatly as the competition for CE participants rises. -- J.S., Ph.D., Director, OHSU-SD Continuing Education

Everyone in our office has benefited greatly from your insight and training. The weekend we spent with you in Bend last June is often spoken of, and we are all looking forward to your next visit. That weekend helped in breaking down some of the barriers that had been erected over the years. -- Y.S., Office Manager, Salem, Oregon

I would like to thank you for the excellent training you have been providing for my office. Cheryl, I have worked with other consultants in the past and clearly your understanding of the management of a dental practice is second to none! -- G.W., D.D.S., Vancouver, WA

One of your greater qualities is that you were willing and able to listen to my needs and concerns, rather than working from a set formula, which I have experienced from other consultants. You sat down and after analyzing our situation, you tailored your approach to fit our particular concerns with a lot of attention to detail. Another wonderful quality is that you have always been honest and sincere. Thank you again for helping us realize our potential, and for making Dentistry fun for the whole team. -- D.V., D.D.S., P.C.

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