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Cheryl Matschek, PhD, MA, MS, CCII
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Presentations at conferences and conventions, or in-house corporate seminars or business meetings, often address the technical aspects of the industry involved, and even the people skills or relationship building skills that are needed to be successful. But little do we focus on the health of the individual that must get the work accomplished!

Many people today complain of low energy, inability to focus or concentrate, fibromyalgia, arthritis, aches and pains that keep them from performing at their best, and continuous rounds of colds and flu. Furthermore, many other acute or chronic conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and others, rob individuals of the ability to perform daily activities necessary for productive employment. Countless dollars and time is wasted because people are off work due to illness, or are at work but are less than effective and efficient because they don't feel up to par.

Did you know:

Cheryl understands that an individual (and therefore companies and organizations as well) cannot achieve maximum effectiveness or desired results when health is impaired, regardless of whether that person is a CEO, leader, manager, sales person, part of the administrative staff, or in any other support role. Greater enthusiasm is almost always a result of better health and vitality and results in increased energy, greater ability to focus, and better work/life balance. As a natural health practitioner Cheryl brings great wisdom, insight and practical knowledge to individuals and groups who desire to improve their health, thereby improving their ability to perform at a higher level.

Perhaps you'd like to raise the level of "health awareness" of yourself and your work team, and help them to help themselves with strategies to facilitate lasting, positive health change. If so, consider Dr. Cheryl for a meaningful, information-packed seminar or individual personal coaching sessions on health and well-being, or for a side-seminar presented with another topic. You'll find Cheryl and her presentation material encouraging, hope-giving and positively uplifting!


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