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Cheryl Matschek, PhD, MA, MS, CCII
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In business and needing that extra something to get to the next step? Are you:

Knowledge alone won't bring success

Whether you are a leader, owner, CEO, salesperson, support person, parent, coach or student, it takes more than knowledge or information to be successful.

Whatever your need for inspiration, motivation, encouragement or enthusiasm—Dr. Cheryl's dynamic spirit and refreshing approach will help you to get where you want to go. She has facilitated productivity increases and encouraged employees to new levels of motivation for hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals. Regardless of circumstances, environmental factors or economic situations, Cheryl brings a realistic message of hope, inspiration, motivation and enthusiasm in a custom-tailored keynote or workshop for your group.

Take the challenge, personally and professionally

Participants will go from tears to laughter as she speaks from the heart. Personally and professionally she challenges each individual to say "yes" to life and inspires them to clarify values, identify clearly were they are headed, examine goals, and maintain a balanced life.

A "results-getting" message with substance—and a wise investment!

Leave the rah-rah behind and replace it with cost-effective, high value, and a refreshing change of pace to motivation and inspiration with substance! For your next event consider Dr. Cheryl for a message that will ignite the spark, rekindle the flame and bridge the chasm from can-do to will-do.

• Committed to positive change
• Charges the atmosphere with enthusiasm
• Consistently a catalyst for changing and enriching lives
• Makes an impact
• Connects heart to heart, soul to soul.

That's Cheryl! Give her a call today at 503-647-5754—you'll be glad you did!

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