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Cheryl Matschek, PhD, MA, MS, CCII
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Businesses, educational institutions and government face many challenges in the 21st century. Responding to these challenges in a rapidly changing, competitive environment requires leaders who are able to develop and implement creative solutions and utilize the full potential of their team. Principled LeadershipSM requires a heart connection, a commitment to employees, and a belief that each has untapped potential that can be turned into results.

The greatest strength an organization has is individuals working together towards a common vision, mission and goals. This requires clarity of values, vision and mission. Cheryl will lead your team through the process to achieve this and then help leaders learn how to empower others to make that vision a reality. In this environment the company, as well as the individuals, will rise to new levels of possibility. A team working synergistically experiences dramatic increases in production, quality, enthusiasm, motivation, service and commitment.

Dr. Cheryl Matschek brings leadership, at all levels, to a deeper understanding of their people, and then teaches them how to create an environment where employees can flourish. She teaches principles that help leaders better govern themselves and develop the potential of others. Beyond principles, she helps individuals translate their new knowledge into behavior, attitudes and skills to effect far reaching improvements in personal and organizational effectiveness.

Some of the more often requested areas for training include the following:

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