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Cheryl Matschek, PhD, MA, MS, CCII
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Cheryl loves selling and she loves teaching it! In fact, she believe that everyone sells, whether they recognize it or not! And she is energized by getting that message across to those with whom she works—and then teaches them how to do it successfully!

All too often salespeople are given an abundance of product training but offered little or no training in the "how-to's" or in interpersonal communications. To achieve outstanding results, sales people need more than product knowledge. They must understand the sales process—inside and out, how to communicate effectively and get the prospects involved in the process, and the dynamics of building good relationships. They must go beyond understanding, however, to developing that knowledge into workable skills and putting them into action.

The participants in your organization, with Cheryl's help, will gain knowledge, insight and skills through hands-on involvement, to become better salespeople achieving new levels of results! Her interactive style involves a variety of methods to capitalize on diverse learning styles to achieve greater effectiveness and maximize retention. By the end of the training, participants know how to sell well—with principles—in reality, not just theory. Cheryl identifies this comprehensive approach to selling as Principled SellingSM.

Principled SellingSM takes the participants to a deeper level of awareness and understanding. They learn why they do or don't do certain things, what holds them back from desired levels of achievement, where the blocks are, and how to turn ineffective behaviors into positive action. Cheryl takes participants beyond the artificial barriers between them and success, and into new and greater levels of awareness, behavior, and realized results.

Principled SellingSM—a wonderful investment! You'll find the training both energizing and practical, generating immediate results as it moves salespeople from mediocrity to success—or from success to even greater success. Your team will have the competitive edge in a highly competitive marketplace.

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