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Cheryl Matschek, PhD, MA, MS, CCII
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No longer can a practitioner complete his or her education, hang a shingle and be assured patients/clients will flock to the door and comply with treatment for diagnosed conditions or recommended protocols. The professional practice today exists in a very different and competitive environment.

A practitioner's clinical or technical ability is important, but the practitioner's ability to communicate, lead, work as a team, and develop relationships with other people in today's market is essential. Recruiting, training, retaining and inspiring valued employees is more important than ever. Escalating costs of doing business have created an urgent need to manage overhead and maximize personnel efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. The practitioner, quite simply, has a lot to do!

Ask yourself these questions:

Private practice can be an exciting, stimulating adventure—but frustrating and energy-draining when the practice is not healthy or headed in the right direction. Many professionals find it difficult to manage day-to-day operations while delivering high-quality services. Dr. Cheryl works with you and your team so you can be in control, rather than your practice controlling you.

Choosing the right Consultant—for an investment with dividends.

If you've questioned the use of a consultant and the benefits one might have for your practice, that's good! Not every consultant is right for every practice, and a poor match will not benefit anyone. To get started, call Cheryl for a complimentary initial discussion to determine whether or not she is the consultant/coach for you—and find out how she can benefit you and your practice.

If you are ready to make the investment in your practice—if you're interested in making your practice more effective with greater ease, and achieving greater results with increased profitability (and remember, this doesn't always mean you have to get bigger)—a call to Dr. Cheryl Matschek could be a valuable investment.

Don't settle for less than your vision. Rekindle hope, reignite the
flame of desire and recharge your expectations with enthusiasm.
CALL CHERYL TODAY — 503-647-5754

You'll be glad you've got Cheryl on your team, working with you— and so will your team!

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